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A-General Engineering Contractor    License #815543
Serving Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo,
and San Benito Counties

A-General Engineering Contractor    License #815543

Serving Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo,
and San Benito Counties

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Rural Land and Construction Resources

Ecology Action and the Resource Conservation District (RCD) of Santa Cruz County have partnered to create this program.  They work closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide education and technical assistance to livestock owners in Santa Cruz, San Benito, South Santa Clara and Monterey Counties.  As part of the program they have grant funds available to provide cost-shares for site design and property improvements.  For more information, see their website at

Graniterock’s “how-to theater” includes step-by-step photos and video showing erosion control materials and installation.
Need help with materials calculations? Their useful aggregate calculator helps you figure out how much rock or concrete you might need for your project.   

USA North of Central/Northern California site offers information on the “call before you dig” underground service alert program. This is a free service that will help locate underground services, including electric, gas, communications, and water lines.  
Call 1-800-227-2600.

Got too much of a good thing? That pile of manure near your barn might be just what someone needs. This link takes you straight to a site that allows you to post a listing for manure - raw or composted - by zip code or county.

Fire Safety    The "High Mountain Riders" of Plumas County list several links to articles on wildfires
for Horse Owners
    and ways to minimize the threat to you, your horses and your property.

Help your livestock cope with summer's heat...
If you're a do-it-yourselfer on a budget, check out this description of a
mister used at a dairy.